On an Inverse Problem of Identifying an Unknown Boundary for the Biharmonic Equation from Cauchy Data


Biharmonic Equation
Elastic Problem
Inverse Problem
Cauchy Problem

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Hadj, A. ., & Sakerb, H. . (2022). On an Inverse Problem of Identifying an Unknown Boundary for the Biharmonic Equation from Cauchy Data. Annals of Applied Sciences. https://doi.org/10.55085/aas.2022.622


In this paper, we deal with an inverse problem for the biharmonic equation to find an unknown boundary in the plane by using an additional information assumed on the remaining known part of the boundary. As a by-product, we can uniquely determine the solution everywhere in its domain of definition by supposing that the available data have Fourier expansions. The question of the existence and uniqueness of this inverse problem will be investigated, and we will conclude with some analytical examples to ensure the validity of this study.



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