Two Fluids Cosmological Models in Scale Covariant Theory of Gravitation


Two Fluids
Bianchi Type I
Scale Covariant Theory

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Hatkar, S. P., Agre, P., & Katore, S. (2022). Two Fluids Cosmological Models in Scale Covariant Theory of Gravitation. Annals of Applied Sciences.


The present paper deals with Bianchi type I two fluids cosmological model in scale covariant theory of gravitation.Matter fluid modeling observed matter and radiating fluid modeling cosmic microwave background radiation are taken as source. Exact Solutions of the field equations are obtained. Both interacting and non-interacting cases of two fluids are investigated. The exact solutions are obtained for constraints  The energy densities are positive for the negative value of parametric constant  in case of exponential model. Energy transfer from matter to radiation is observed in case of interacting fluid. Some physical parameter of the obtained model is discussed in detail.


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