Alternative Techniques for Hepp-Couinaud Roux-Y Hepatico-Jejunostomy: A Brief Review


Roux-Y Hapatico-Jejunostomy (RYHJ)
Bile Duct Injury (BDI)
Malignant strictures
Benign strictures
Multiple gallstones
Liver transplantation


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Coco D, Leanza S. Alternative Techniques for Hepp-Couinaud Roux-Y Hepatico-Jejunostomy: A Brief Review. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2021 Jan. 15 [cited 2021 Sep. 28];8. Available from:


To propose alternative techniques in performing Roux-Y Hapatico-Jejunostomy (RYHJ) during treatment of biliary tree diseases. We have retrospectively evaluated PUBMED articles  to analyze various modified techniques in RYHJ to research an easy technique to log into biliary tree. Modified RYHJ is a safe, feasible and simple technique to permit an alternative method of anastomosis re-esploration.


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