The Need for mandatory COVID-19 testing among pregnant women


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The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to ravage the globe especially affecting vulnerable groups like people with chronic diseases, pregnant women among others. Recent evidence shows that COVID-19 causes various complications in pregnancy like preterm birth, preeclampsia among others unlike early in the pandemic. However, how COVID-19 precisely interplays with pregnancy and which trimester the infection is most detrimental is ubiquitous and controversial. Some pregnancy-related complications like pre-eclampsia and eclampsia share similar pathophysiological mechanisms and clinical features like COVID-19 and may present a diagnostic challenge and missed opportunity to optimize pregnancy outcome.  From our experiences performing routine COVID-19 tests which are published as different case reports, we discovered COVID-19 among asymptomatic mothers that later developed complications and those that presented with complications initially. These patients were mostly in their third trimester and we believe if COVID-19 had not been diagnosed early and treatment administered promptly, the outcomes would have been worse. Therefore this clinical opinion is structured to give a glimpse of how COVID-19 affect pregnancy, at which trimester from available data which we build on from our experiences  to support routine testing of COVID-19 among pregnant women and at what trimester to maximize benefits while minimizing costs.



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