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Published January 1, 2024

Current Medicine (ISSN 2833-2334) is an international open-access peer-reviewed journal based on a continuous publication model and aims to publish original works of high quality, covering all medical specialties.

Original Research Articles

Salam Bennouar, Abdelghani Bachir Cherif , Samia Abdi
Utility of Procalcitonin as a Diagnostic Tool for Sepsis in Intensive Care Units
Leonardo P. Cordeiro, Eduarda O.N.N. Linhares, Fernanda G.O. Nogueira, Maiara Coelho de Abreu Sanguedo, Maria Luiza dos G.C.F. de Araújo , Fernanda Braga Albuquerque, Silvia Merhy Lagrotta, Daniel J M Medeiros Lima
Associations between Lifestyle Medicine Activities and Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Management: A Systematical Review
Renato Ferreira- da-Silva, João Miguel Alves
Overview of Phase IV Clinical Trials Targeting COVID-19: Status Report of Studies Registered on the Platform


Philip K. Varkey, Zachary Issac Merhavy, Kyle Simtion, John Varkey, Thomas C. Varkey
A Scoping Literature Review of Recall and Memory Psychometric Tools
Akriti Jaiswal, Dhirendra Jaiswal, Ravindra Kumar Jain, Shivani Manglic, Sakshi, Ishan Pandey, Pooja Singh, Surya Kant, Vikas Shukla, Anil Kumar Mavi
Therapeutic use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells against SARS-Cov-2: Present and Future prospects
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