Idiopathic Localized Dilation of Ileum



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Robles Méndez Hernández, A., Jauregui Brechu, R., Mora Torres, O. A., Sorsby Vargas , A. M. ., Castro Enríquez, G. I. ., Aceves Rodríguez , E. M., & Somarriba Domínguez, S. B. (2022). Idiopathic Localized Dilation of Ileum. Surgery Insights.


Idiopathic localized dilation of the ileum (ILDI) is rare in adults, debuting with nonspecific symptomatology.
We report one case of a 36-year-old male patient who suffered intense abdominal pain and bowel obstruction symptoms, with signs of acute abdomen upon physical examination and CT imaging evidence of intestinal occlusion in the right lower quadrant. During laparoscopic approach, a 30 cm terminal ileum mass with multiple inflammatory mesenteric nodes was found, resected and posteriorly analyzed. Post-surgically, further laboratory evaluations failed to justify any other diagnosis rather than ILDI, excluding histopathologic and laboratory compatible with abdominal cocoon syndrome. The patient was discharged without complications and, until today, no recurrence of the disease has been identified.
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