Trapdoor Orbital Fracture in a Pediatric Patient. Case Report and 57-years of Literature Review


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Costa SM, Ribeiro BC, Nunes DB, Greco BB. Trapdoor Orbital Fracture in a Pediatric Patient. Case Report and 57-years of Literature Review. Surg Insights [Internet]. 2022 Feb. 21 [cited 2024 May 28];. Available from:


The blowout trapdoor fracture is a rare condition with more prevalence in pediatric patients. Surgeons and clinicians should be aware of this condition due to its severity, which can cause ophthalmoplegia, blindness, and even death. The present study reports a unique case of the surgical correction of trapdoor fracture with the incarceration of the inferior rectus muscle in the maxillary sinus associated with a severe oculocardiac reflex, unimproved nausea, and ophthalmoplegia. Together with that, a 57-years literature review is provided. The TF is linked with assaults and playing activities, in a 12,73 years-old mean age. The oculocardiac reflex is not a common association, 29,2%, being one of the most alarming symptoms. It is fundamental to the correct and early diagnosis, together with the forehand surgery, related to success in the first 72 hours.


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